Slumdog Millionaire – Characters

9 Jan


Latika is an extremely shy girl, i.e. while she is standing and waiting in the rain and looking at Jamal and Salim, who are sleeping in a dry accommodation, she is not moving or trying to get the boy’s attention.

Later Latika seems to develop the character of a caring and warm-hearted person. An example for that is the preparing situation [what is that? WR] of Salim. He explains the other children how to ‚earn‘ more money by begging in their city. Salim wants Latika to take care of a little baby. When Latika denies this way of begging, Jamal’s older brother pretends/ threatens to let the baby fall down, but Latika is ready to catch it.

Also Latika is very smart. While the children are playing and sleeping at Maman’s area, Latika plays a trick on Salim when he is sleeping. At this time she is able to do action against people, nevertheless the other people are more powerful  than she is.

Group results of: Fabienne, Celine, Burak & Philip

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